Laughter:  The shortest distance between two people.akimprov

” We Do That Every Summer!”  – Creating unique family and work place rituals that will last a lifetime and beyond.

” It’s All in the Game”-  Using classic theatrical improvisation to renew and restore company moral and communication.  This workshop is a great fit for teams that have went through downsizing, up-sizing, or just as a way to refocus.

” Whatever Turns You Off “- Exploring ways to disconnect from the everyday buzz and multitasking frenzy.  Through acting games, discover how refreshing being present in the moment can be. Perfect for multi- hat wearing leaders and supervisors.

” A Syringe of Silliness”- 100% pure, unadulterated, comedy improv games to get teams re bonded through some good belly laughs. Great ice-breaker for new teams or teams in transition.

Tailored workshops can be tuned to hone a wide range of skills, including leadership, sales techniques, product development, change management and team communication.